Saturday 16 February 2019

Saturday 16th February 2019

Been awake since just gone 4am because I needed a wee, then couldn't get back to sleep!

The virus scan finished at about 6am and didn't find any nasties so I'm in the process of backing everything up now, hopefully without sending my blood pressure through the roof this week!

The documents back-up always takes forever and this week is no exception - 7½ hours to go atm lol

Just read and replied to all the forum messages and there's only 3 minutes left to go on the backup now so the 7½ hours was more like half an hour!  lol

That's everything backed up first time without my blood pressure going through the roof this week.  Took just under an hour from start to finish  😌

Just brushed me teeth, so I'm gonna take me supplements now so that I don't forget again!

Supplements taken now.  The Calcium crumbs went everywhere, the Iron took 3 mouthfuls of squash to swallow and the B12 and Multi took 2 each.  Not a good pill-taking day today, apparently.




That's not a typo - it's an all-time record for the pup and I.

OK, so it's only 250 metres which most people wouldn't blink at, but for us it's like walking a marathon!

It'll definitely be a short walk tomorrow... it just won't be safe to walk much more than 250% after this morning's marathon walkies.

The extra walkies bank balance is now a huuuuge 3400% so we only need to walk 200% tomorrow for my OCD to be happy.

Be interesting to see what the steps count comes to tonight... hopefully I'll hit the magic 2000 steps now.  Let's see what the current total is - brb!

1518 and it's only 10.30am, so it's looking good 'cos there's less than 500 steps in 11½ hours which is about 45 steps an hour so I just need to keep going to the bathroom and kitchen and back into the living room to achieve it.  It's less than a step a minute and judging by my bladder this morning, I'll achieve that with no problem lol

We now have forks... a grand total of 15 for our lunch (pasta bake apparently 🍴)  😋  A well-deserved celebratory meal.

Shutting down now so that I'm not rushed when our pasta bake is cooked.  I'll be back this afternoon, just don't know how chatty I'll be is all.


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