Tuesday 26 February 2019

Product review: ADDIS 10 Litre Square Foodsaver

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Perfect for the Chocochino and Cortado pods to go in and enough room to shake them about to mix them up which is exactly what I wanted.

There's a very strong smell of plastic as soon as you open the lid, so if you're using it for anything fresh that isn't factory sealed for freshness (home made cakes, sandwiches etc) then you'll definitely need to give it a long soak in water to get rid of the smell first, so that the food isn't overpowered by the smell, but if you're using it, like I am, for factory sealed food or drinks then it's good to go as soon as you open the box!

At the price I paid it for it, it's well worth the smell though and it's the exact size I wanted, so it's getting full marks from me!

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