Wednesday 27 February 2019

Wednesday 27th February 2019

Just taken me supplements and I'm still on top of the world after yesterday's steps achievement!

Steve's got the district nurse coming out to see us about measuring his seat and we're having a late lunch/early tea ready for after she comes.  Tomorrow is about other ways to help him around the house.  I just hope they both like puppies 'cos they'll get sniffed and kissed endlessly by our pup!

Gonna go for a much shorter walk today.  500% tops so that we can both recover from yesterday's marathon walkies.

We did 400% on the senior puppy's walk today, which means there's a huge 1700% in the bank after 3 days.  There's no way that I could have walked any further today at all and as long as we do at least 400% again tomorrow, we'll be at a nice round 2000% then increase it slightly to 450% a day from Friday to Sunday will take us over 3000% in a week which is fantastic going by us!

The lady coming out to measure Steve's chair will be here at about 10.30am instead of lunchtime so we can both relax then and have our lunch at normal time instead of after lunch.

We're having jacket tatties, cheese and beans for lunch today 😋 ← that smiley looks like I'm sticking my tongue out at you, but Blogger describes it as "savouring delicious food" lol

That's the lady been and gone while I was in the bathroom lol  By the sounds of it, Steve'll be getting a cushion for his chair from the same place he got his chair from so that'll be cool and groovy.

We've got someone coming out to see us tomorrow as well, but apparently that's a more general thing, not just turning the bathroom into a wet room.  I had the same thing when I came out of hospital but there was very little they agreed to, so I'm hoping there will be more to help us tomorrow then Steve's going to his nurse appointment on Friday then we can relax... gonna be a busy week this week - hopefully it's worth it though!

Waaaay too much lunch.  It was yummy, but the tatties were a lot bigger than we're used to so I had to leave half of the second potato as well as some of the cheese and beans!  Should have had 3 between us, rather than 2 each lol

Written several more reviews on the Sainsbury's site, added more squash to Monday's order and took my prescription.

Steve filled up 4 litres of squash for me as my carer so I've just got my emails to read now then I can head to bed.  Not gonna be an early night again 'cos my body wakes up almost as soon as I start climbing the stairs lol

Goin' to bed now... bet I'll still be awake at 10pm though!  lol

Nite nite orl!  💤

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