Monday 30 November 2020

A couple of things, inspired by Facebook posts

In reverse order:  

The second bit is paraphrased 'cos my laptop froze and I can't remember who posted it or what the exact words were, but here goes:

 I've changed?  You must be mistaken 'cos you've never been bothered to get to know me as a person!

You've only ever seen the kind, caring, supportive friend who is always willing to listen to you, but you've never spent more than a maximum of 5 messages (and yes, I've counted) being there for me.  It's been going on for at least two years (that's how long I've been pondering on this, it's actually been going on for more like 35-40 years) and I'm fed up to the back teeth of it now, so starting in 2021 I'll treat you exactly how you've treated me for the last two years.

I'm bound to lose friends because of it, because they won't like how I'm treating them, but I've had as much as I can cope with now and if people want to stop being my friend because of how I'm treating them, then it's no skin off my nose any more.  It'll be the rubbish taking itself out 🤷

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