Sunday 29 November 2020

Pills taken, box refilled, virus scan still going, so I'm just waiting for... breakfast now.


I've taken my five daily pills and refilled the pill organiser/reminder that's still going strong after almost a year of daily use (it'll be a year on 5th December) which ain't bad going for something made of plastic and has meant that I've been able to tell at a glance if I've taken my pills or not❗


The virus scan is still only at 30% after more than 24 hours, so I'm thinking it'll be at least this evening before I can check my emails❗❗  It's only once a month though, so that's OK with me and I can read my emails online too, so that's even better.  Gonna do an extra back-up of everything when it's finished, assuming it's before 6pm 👍

Me breakfast is ready now, so I'll BBL.

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