Monday 30 November 2020

What a frustrating few hours!

Mornin' all.  How are you all doing❓


My day has been frustrating so far... started off by almost forgetting my pills, then almost forgetting the virus scan, then updating my homepage bits and bobs, then adjusting the exercise spreadsheet and couldn't work out how to get the downloaded file back onto the homescreen of my phone - turns out that I need to open it from within the email rather than downloading it 🙄


I've had me breakfast and Steve said he broke a plate, so we've only got 3 left out of about 20 now and can't afford to buy any more❗


Steve lent me 6p and I bet he'll want it back before the end of the week, even though he owes me £1839.96 since March this year... one rule for him and the opposite for me.  I've bought Steve's family gifts for their birthday's and Christmas for the last 2 years as well as paying for the groceries each week and electric each month, but Steve has claimed credit for all of it.  Well not any more.  Starting in 2021 I'll just get gifts for those who have got gifts for me the previous year, with the exception of our nephew's, so it's gonna be a very cheap year starting now.  Birthday gifts for our nephews, my mum and C and M's gift will be a week late.  Yule gifts will be for our nephews as standard, Steve's family won't be getting gifts and C, D, Steve and my mum will go by who gets me gifts this year.  I'm fed up to the back teeth of spending my money on them and they don't get me anything in return.  I'm also going to spend the same on them as they did on me the previous year... I'm fed up of spending more on them and getting barely anything in return.


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