Friday 20 November 2020


Just finished today's course and because it had 40 modules I thought it'd take me the best part of 2 full days studying and I was sure that it would take me several attempts to pass the end of course assessment too, just like with the child counselling course I studied yesterday.




I finished it in about 8 hours with an hours break for lunch 🍴 half way through.  I couldn't remember anything that I learnt before lunch, let alone first thing this morning, just like with the counselling course I studied yesterday - that took 3 attempts and only took me a couple of hours to study it from start to finish, so I didn't think I stood any chance of passing this course at all, let alone first time I attempted it and with only 3 questions wrong, which gave me a huge score of 90%❗❗❗


I'm rewarding myself with chocolate 🍫, biscuits 🍪 and decaf coffee ☕... I think I deserve it and I'm sure there must be something wrong with their servers or the webpage or something, but I ain't gonna tell them in case they take my award off me and I have to go through the assessment again 🤣


I've put the certificate up on the completed courses bit of my navigation page if you wanna see it❓

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