Monday 16 November 2020

What would you prefer in future please?

I'm pondering on starting a new trend with my blog posts and I do, genuinely, wanna know your honest thoughts and preferences.


In future, would you prefer a couple of longer posts a day like I've done so far in November, or would you prefer multiple much shorter posts like I was doing before NaNo?


Either way is totally OK with me, I'm just interested to hear your views and opinions is all.  Do you want me to do the shorter "I've just taken my morning pills" and "I've just had a meal of..." posts that are usually a paragraph or so long but there are several every day because you get instant insights into my life as it is right then, or do you prefer longer posts that are just about the bigger things and only maybe a couple a day, like I've done so far in November (and like this one that I'm writing now)?  Would you prefer me to do like I did earlier in the year and combine them into one long post a day, but each post has multiple shorter posts within it?

I'm pondering on changing the default text colour of my posts away from black too... what do you think to that too please?  I prolly won't change the look of anything other than the colour of the text, but if you all want me to change the colour, hopefully that'll be easy enough to do.

Please leave me a comment in reply to this, letting me know your thoughts... you can remain anonymous if you want to, but I'd love to know who my readers are, just by their first name, so that I can feel less like it's a robot reading my posts instead of a real human being.  I appreciate every view, I just want to be able to put names to you instead of just having numbers... "I wonder how Jo Bloggs is today?" or "I wonder if Eric has read this post yet?" rather than "oh cool, 10 people have read that post, I wonder who they all are and what they thought to my post?".

I promise that I, personally, don't collect any information about you... I just want to get to know you all as people rather than numbers!

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