Wednesday 4 November 2020

Haven't updated this blog so far in November because...

 ...I've spent all day, every day writing my NaNo novel and haven't done much else.


I've remembered to take all my pills every day so far, and the writing is on target for finishing before the 10th this year, which is awesome, but we got some awful news this evening.


The puppy went to the vet at 11am this morning because of her not eating and it was far from good news.  Basically there is something seriously wrong with her liver or kidney (Steve was understandably too upset to remember clearly) that's been going on for a very long time.  We were given 2 options:  try her on fluids for 48 hours to see if that helps or to make the hardest decision we've had to make in her life.

She's not happy and is in really bad shape right now, but the vets are trying her on fluids for 48 hours then taking it from there.

If the fluids *do* work then there's a good chance that the problem will reappear again in future, but she will hopefully be feeling more like herself and on a different food especially for her illness.

If the fluids *don't* work, then apparently it would be kinder to send her on her final journey.

We both agree that she shouldn't be alone if that happens but we don't have any transport to take us to the vet.  In an ideal world, a vet would come to the house to do it, so that the puppy is as comfortable and relaxed as possible, instead of being scared and alone at the vets.

We're just taking it moment by moment now and hoping for the best.

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