Wednesday 25 November 2020

Taken my pills, eaten two meals, getting bored out of my tree with a book...

...groceries are due within the next half an hour and within the hour after that, then that's it for the day.


Had porridge for breakfast and hash browns for lunch today.  We'd ordered a 1kg bag of white sugar with our shopping today, but it's been replaced by a 5kg bag that's £2.75 more expensive and we've got nowhere to keep such a large amount either❗  Assuming that we manage to store it somewhere without it all spilling out and encouraging mice, it'll keep us going for the best part of 5 months, as long as it's not gone off by then of course❗


Steve's fast asleep with his legs up, which means that I'll have to answer the door and risk falling flat on my face and not being able to get back up.  I'm hoping that I'll get the last two boxes of my prescription tomorrow when Steve gets his delivered.


We've been invited over to Steve's family for Christmas now, but I wanna stay here and grieve for the first Christmas without a dog for 10 years... Steve doesn't seem to understand that though.

The weekly virus scan has just finished, so time to make a start on the back-ups now.

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