Sunday 15 November 2020

Sorry that I haven't updated this blog for the last 10 days, but...

...I did say it would be one way or the other when our senior puppy dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so it's seemed to be radio silence from me.


Hopefully things'll return to normal again soon though.  Thank you for your patience and for those 11 people who have read each of my last two posts here.   The increasing number of reads has definitely helped me to feel supported over the last 10 days, so I hope you will all continue to read from now on too.

As of this morning, I've started wearing my keys around my neck again, which got me to wondering if anyone happened to know of a place that offers personalisable key rings... ideally of a dog bone that I can engrave with the puppy's name and life dates so that she will be with me whenever I wear my keys but I'm not in the right headspace to know what to search for, so I was hoping for some recommendations from you, my blog readers, ideally UK based if at all possible.

I'm gonna write my first ever biography for JanNo, covering the puppy's life to hopefully bring my grief out instead of staying in denial and avoiding thinking about never seeing her again.  I'm thinking it'll be a POD book, rather than a traditionally published one and it ain't gonna be for children, possibly with the exception of older YA, but there will be stories and memories and waaay too many photos of her in it.  I loved her so much and didn't appreciate her love and support anywhere near as much as I should have done, so the biography will be my gift of love to her.

If you're a pet parent, make sure you stroke and kiss and talk to that pet more than you already do, because you never know when there won't be any more tomorrow's... we certainly didn't.

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