Monday 8 July 2024

Well, I can't say...

...that I'm running out of cream any time soon!  lol

I've got plenty of fruit to dig into too and there is literally only enough room left in the fridge for the 2 packs of orange juices tomorrow and I only managed it with a lot of careful organising lol

I've got plenty of mouthwash too... the two that came today and potentially two more coming tomorrow (so that I could get the basket total over the minimum).

Lunches this week will be fruit, fruit and more fruit, with maybe a few vegan yoghurts and/or a few biscuits thrown in as a treat and I won't be shy with the cream or the hot chocolate powder either.

I don't think the fridge has been this full for well over a decade, maybe even two decades and I certainly won't be able to complain that there's nothing sweet or chocolatey available lol

I can do this living alone lark lol

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