Tuesday 7 March 2017

£48 plus VAT in April/May

Just worked out that the domain name and hosting will be £48 + VAT for my Namehog stuff at the start of May, so I'll be able to afford that and still have money left over in my secondary bank account, or I can just leave the extra in my main account after the shopping comes each week and I'll be able to use that plus the remaining left in my account after my bills... it'll be hard going, but definitely doable as long as I don't spend anything else.

If I extend the spending restriction to £105 tops every week, that's it sorted within the month too!

So, next week is week one:  £20 for the 2 tops and £105 a week for the shopping.

Week after is week two: £105 for the shopping and nothing else 'cos I've already used the tenner from this week to get the tops last week.

Weeks three (end of March) and four (beginning of April):  £210 for the two weeks shopping and £20 left for the Namehog stuff.

Weeks five and six (middle of April) £210 for the shopping and another £20 for the Namehog stuff.  That makes £40 for the Namehog stuff, yeah?

Week seven is the end of April and another tenner for the Namehog stuff, brings it up to £50 plus the few quid I'll hopefully have saved each week just to make it the extra for the VAT et voila!

There will also be a tenner a week going into my secondary account just as a back-up if I need it in future.

It'll be a tight few weeks, but that's how I prefer it... if there isn't money to spend on things I don't need then I can't spend it!  👌 😀

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