Wednesday 29 March 2017

That's the wheelchair moved

Just taken all of Steve's junk off Patrick and moved him and his batteries into the hall.

I'm giving Steve until the weekend to make the two forms that he can use to show to future employers what he is able to do then I'm advertising the job on Fiverr to have the pages done and dusted by next week.

I've been asking Steve to do both for over a month now and I've now officially given up.  Gonna get my breath back then go to bed.

Not going to look for any more jobs for Steve either - if he doesn't get a job before his benefit ends then tough.  I've had enough of begging and pleading.  I'm going to do what he does from now on - sleep and that's it.  He will have to answer the door every Monday to the district nurse and Marie and he'll have to take his key to the GP on Friday 'cos I'm not going to answer the door any more.

Still going to feed, water and walk the pup but that's it now.  Gonna take my lead from Steve and only do what he does from now on.  I seriously don't reckon he'll make it a week but I really don't give a damn any more!

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