Wednesday 8 March 2017

O2 again

I mistakingly took out a contract with O2 last month but didn't realise it was a contract until I got the sim card.  Contacted O2 less than 24 hours after taking it out and I was told that it had definitely been cancelled and I wouldn't be charged.

They took out another £15 this morning and I've been going around the houses with them since 8am.  It's now 12.30 and I've been told, again, that it was definitely cancelled.  I've cancelled the DD again so hopefully that's it now... I doubt it though!

If they take another £15 next month, I'm giving up with them totally.  I refuse to let them tell me twice that the contract was cancelled, only to be charged again a month later.

You're on your third and final chance, O2... screw up next month and I won't be going back to you!

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