Tuesday 28 March 2017

Only 5 minutes this time

A lot less pauses and unsureness because I had it all planned out this time... still don't know how to end video's though!  lol

I also haven't got the first clue about if you saw me pointing at the bottom of the video 'cos I still had Word open with all the prompts in it, but I love getting comments on my posts down there 👇 and you don't need to give me your name unless you want to, an initial is fine in the name field if that's what you're more comfortable with... if your name begins with an M, C, H, or D though, can you put the second character of your name or a nickname or something instead so that I don't get you confused with the people I regularly talk about with those initials is all 😀

OK, here's the video:

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