Wednesday 15 March 2017

So proud of Steve!

We've just had pasta 'n' sauce for lunch.

Steve said that he reckoned he'd got the amount of pasta right this time (there's usually several spoonfuls left in the bottom of the pan) and I noticed that he had at least a third less than at the start of the year.

He didn't even finish that though, he gave it to me and I polished it off.

Steve's never been a small boy... think of only being able to fit into clothes online from places like Big Clobber and High & Mighty etc and you're there.

He's already down one size in t-shirts and he hasn't done that for 30-odd years when he was playing rugby for his school so that made me proud of him back at the start of February but even moreso now because his portions are noticably smaller!

Keep going Steve, you can do it!

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