Monday 6 March 2017

Marie came over to help with the shopping delivery tonight

I remembered to remind Steve about Marie taking Mitzi over to the vet to get weighed and she was brilliant and said she would when she could.

Totally fine with me, I just don't want the pup to be on a diet unnecessarily is all.

She knows we want it done now though, so hopefully she'll find time soon then we can get the pup new food and slowly introduce it to her so that it's not too much of a shock to her system after being on the vet food for so long... apparently she could get diarrhea or vomit if it's swapped too quickly which I don't fancy clearing up, thank you very much!  👎

If it does affect her badly on her daily walks then I'll clear it up as best I can, but it's up to Steve to clear it up if it happens in the house at night!  lol

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