Thursday 16 March 2017

That was a nice surprise!

Just checked me bank balance and O2 have refunded £13 and a few pennies, so it's £104 plus the £13 refund means that we can spend £117 on the shopping which we've never done, even at Christmas, so I'll be able to afford a couple of t-shirts too.  Won't have much left in the account, but it's better than being overdrawn!

Might wait until the shopping amount has been taken out, just to be sure I don't go overdrawn, but if we aim for £107 then I'll still have a tenner that I can use for the t-shirts and I'm paid again at the end of the month.

I've cancelled the SUGAR stuff at Namehog and spent an extra £177 on stuff this month, so I'll have that hanging around each month too.  Might move the £177 into my B account each month so that I'm not tempted to spend it and it'll be getting me interest added to it too, then when it gets to £500 in B I'll pay off a chunk of BC and keep on like that until my 3 credit cards have been paid off and cancelled.

When all the credit cards have been paid off, I'll have an extra £150 a month to go into B too, as well as the £177 that I move over each month and the tenner a week that's already set up to go into it.

I can so do this... you and me head on, spending addiction!

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