Saturday 6 February 2021

Loadsa news and a couple of opinions on 6th February 2021

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6th February 2021

Let’s get some perspective here. The UK needs to rekindle social consensus, solidarity, and trust. - Amanda's comment: Very well said that student! Let's hope that people start to take notice of their wise words!
12 lessons for children’s social work from practising under Covid
Social value: More than metrics
Which social media app is the most addictive? - Amanda's comment: I've never been to the first site in my life, I haven't used YouTube since the start of November, but I'm guilty of using Facebook every day although even that's less than it used to be used!
School closures and job losses in UK 'could lead to social unrest'
Social care charity chief speaks of Covid pandemic anxieties
How the Social Platforms are Celebrating Super Bowl LV
Fired for using social media: Where is the red line in Spain? - Amanda's comment: This may be an unpopular comment, but I stand with those Spanish businesses - especially if the employees had signed a confidentiality agreement before they started at their jobs. I can understand employees sharing pictures of the public areas of their job, but anything that isn't open to the public shouldn't be recorded and put online!
Ed Sheeran praises friendship with Co Down guitar-maker in rare interview
Opening new doors: Changing types of friendship in a COVID world
What Chimpanzees Can Teach Us about Human Friendships
Lockdown friendship: “I feel awkward talking to friends I haven’t seen – have I forgotten how to socialise?”
The Truth About Christopher Plummer And Julie Andrews' Friendship
How One Night In Miami Exemplifies the Joy of Black Male Friendships Onscreen
A Fisherman’s 10-Year Friendship With a Blind Seal That Greets Him Every Day: Video

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