Sunday 7 February 2021

That's the battery run down for another month now

I literally had time to shut my programmes down really quickly when I got the pop-up saying that the battery was "critically low" before it died on me lol  That's it done for another month now though, so I'm just charging the battery back up now then I'll go and make our lunch (5 pieces of "bread and spread" each, 'cos Steve "can't be arsed to cook lunch now that I've done the mountain of washing up") so I'll go out and get it sorted in a bit.  Again.  He's supposed to be my carer, but I can't remember when we last had porridge and the only reason that we had a cooked lunch yesterday was 'cos his mum got a couple of packets of meat-free pieces for us... if she hadn't, I could have almost guaranteed that it'd be me making more "bread and spread" for us again.


I'm gonna hopefully remember to keep a record of everything he does as my carer so that I have an accurate record of how much to pay him for his care each week.  It's supposed to be 35 hours of care a week to get carers allowance, whereas in reality I'm lucky to get that in 6 months.


Ho hum.


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