Tuesday 9 February 2021

The gifts have just arrived, the course has been finished (at last), soooo...

I can now take my pills and head to bed.  Should I take the gifts upstairs with me or leave them down here though❓ Steve's just said to leave 'em down here, but I need to wrap them up before I pass them on to my BIL, which I was gonna do tonight, but I don't want to lose them upstairs is all.  Gonna take my last two pills of the day then take them upstairs I reckon.  I'll wrap them up then put them in a gift bag at the top of the stairs to hopefully remind me what they are when the final part arrives in mid-March.  


Decision made - take my pills, wrap up the first 3 parts, put them in a gift bag and leave it at the top of the stairs so that it doesn't get lost in the bedroom.


Got a medical appointment tomorrow early afternoon so I'm hoping I'll have finished the news before I get the call.  Hope I remember what it's for when I get the call though! 🙄🤣


It's also Wednesday tomorrow, so it'll be time for my weekly virus scan and backup session and I'll have to remember not to open my emails first thing... you watch me forget though!

Pill time then time for me to head upstairs now.  See you all at some point tomorrow.

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