Sunday 7 February 2021

News for 7th February 2021

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7th February 2021

Social innovation for stronger rural regions in Europe
NHS: Government plans to reverse Cameron-era reforms
Message in a bottle sparks adorable friendship between Devon and Cornwall kids
Neighbors' one-sided friendship leaves woman feeling slighted - Amanda's comment: Yup, same for me with my friends... I don't mind supporting them when they need a friendly listening ear and shoulder to cry on, but it quickly becomes totally one-sided and then they go silent when I blow up from lack of support once a year... they never seem to understand that an occasional bit of support from them would totally avoid it. It's not like I need constant support, but for the last two years I've accidentallly blown up on Facebook about it, they've avoided me for a while until they need support and the whole cycle starts again.
A Bend front-door friendship delivered: That rings a bell
Hartford Community Shed offers fun, friendship and new skills
Kate Middleton row: Duchess and Meghan 'not forged kind of friendship' Palace hoped for
How male friendships can survive without the pub

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