Thursday 4 February 2021

News (at last) for 4th February 2021

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4th February 2021

  Influencers told not to use 'misleading' beauty filters - Amanda's comment: About bleedin' time! Surely the odd bad skin photo or showing spots and open pores occasionally would make the influencer more human and approachable?? I realise that I'm not an influencer in any way, shape or form, but surely appearing more human to your followers would improve the brand's image because the people you are influencing would show you as human. Same with genuine mistakes - you're human, not perfect and showing that would help to improve your approachability too... especially if you can genuinely laugh at your slip-ups and apologise for your bloopers!
7 Alternative Social Media Platforms to Consider - Amanda's comment: I'm pondering on joining a couple of these, just to have a look around initially, but potentially, in future, to use as well as Facebook and Twitter
4 in 5 people are sharing too much information on social media, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks and 4 in 5 people are sharing too much information on social media, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks are about the same thing, just by two separate websites.
'I make £20k a year from my pig': how social media stars turn beloved pets into cash cows
UK government prepared to dole out 'billions' in fines as social media companies fail to tackle racial abuse
Social care charity's 40th anniversary fundraiser to support Fifers with disabilities
Majority of pupils with EHCPs left without health or social care support in lockdown, says report
‘Being teetotal does not mean social suicide - it can enrich your life’
Friendship and difference at the University of Dallas
Schoolgirl uses cancelled birthday party money to help combat loneliness with friendship boxes
From Barbie buddies to happy hour pals, a 50-year friendship
7 Films About Friendship To Stream This Valentine's Day
Angus girl makes friendship boxes for lonely members of local church
Shepparton Friendship Cafe begins again

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