Tuesday 2 February 2021

News and opinions for 2nd February 2021

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2nd February 2021

Tip: Keep your cool on social media - Amanda's comment: I could have done with this article at the end of last week when I had my mini meltdown on Facebook lol
Claim of anti-conservative bias by social media firms is baseless, report finds
COVID-19: Social distancing scrapped as Isle of Man lifts restrictions
Half of reports to health and safety regulator raise workplace social distancing concerns, analysis reveals
Racial abuse: Is ending anonymity on social media the answer? - Amanda's comment: It's easy enough (in theory at least) to offer anonymity in usernames or whatever, but every new user should be required to enter their real details that the social media site holds securely and confidentially offline unless/until the police or ambulance (or whatever) needs access to the users information and there should be some kind of security available before that information is given to them just in case it's the offline equivalent of a hacker. E-commerce sites and banks offer that, so it's already possible to do, so social media should do that too, IMNSHO
Don't Share Your Vaccine Card on Social Media - Amanda's comment: Totally agree not to share your card 'cos it's the equivalent of putting your birth certificate online. If you're that desperate to share it, at least black out/pixellate your details first! I've got a remindeer medical card from the hospital for something else and I've not posted that online so for your own safety and security, you shouldn't with your Covid card either!

New social media guides for veterinary practices
New social media campaign launched to educate on bystander CPR and defibrillation
I feared the social isolation of lockdown most – but I'm tougher than I thought

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