Saturday 6 February 2021

Mornin' all

It's 6th February and I've already managed to have my breakfast (loadsa sultanas and a flapjack), taken my daily pills, charged up my Fitbit, downed a cafetierre coffee (thank you for making it and bringing it in for us, Steve), finished the daily virus scan and got one set of news sorted all before 🕚 11am.  I'm motivated to get the second set of news sorted now, so hopefully the next blog post will be the news, then I've gotta do my exercises, then lunch (curreeeeeeee!! 🤤) then I'm gonna get graphically creative after that, hopefully.  I've already achieved more than I did yesterday though, so I'm hopeful 🤞 that the motivation will continue for the rest of the day 👍.

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