Wednesday 10 February 2021


We've had bird feeders and fat balls up in our back yard for months now, but neither of us had ever seen a bird using them...


...until just now❕❕❕


Steve was in the kitchen and happened to look out of the window and spotted a puffed up robin indulging in the food at the feeder opposite the window❕❕  He crept back in here (the living room) and told me about it, so I silently went to have a peek too and it was still there❕  OMG❕


It's motivated me and hopefully Steve ('cos I'm too much of a short arse to reach the feeders down then replace them) to refill them at some point soon so that the robin and his or her friends have a reliable source of food.  We both love wild birds, so to actually see one has discovered our back yard source of food was incredible❕

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