Sunday 7 July 2024

Can someone remind me, tomorrow morning, to...

...weigh myself and log my weight when I've had my breakfast so that I know if I can restart my laps next week or not please?  I think this is my second week without doing them and I'm feeling worse than when I do do them.  I've been a total oinker this week, usually eating double the calories, but I wanna get up to the new weight before I restart them so that the health check was an eye-opener that I can do something about rather than just one of those things.

I need to ask my lunchtime carer to help me to change the bedding too... it's only the duvet cover that I can't do because I'm such a disabled short-arse.

Can someone also remind me to contact my bank about a potential fraud attempt pretty please?  I've done the research and I know what to do now and there's no guarantee that it is fraud, but I wanna hear it from someone whose job it is to know.

I've had enough for this week and my body is pleading for an early night so I'm gonna start closing things down and getting ready for bed for the last time this week.

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