Tuesday 2 July 2024

Mornin' all

It turns out that when you've done nothing for a few hours before bedtime then head to bed, you're wide awake and can't sleep for aaages!

I've woken up more knackered than I went to bed last night, so I've taken my morning pills and I'm hoping they'll kick in soon.

Need to remember to change the elastic bands on my FitBit 'cos the first one broke overnight and I don't want them all to come off, so as soon as I've got washed and dressed, I'll hopefully remember to do that.

My groceries are due later on today and I need to remember to put in my next order... you watch me forget though!  lol

The daily virus scan was reassuringly clear, so that's good and this first blog post of the day is getting a bit long, so I'm gonna publish it and put my to-do list together for the first time today.


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