Monday 12 May 2014

Feeling really good right now!

I've literally just got back from having lunch with C and H and I'm feeling really good right now because the place we went to was on a really steep from the car park into the Inn and I didn't fall over at all! 

OK so I was clinging onto C's arm for dear life and my quad cane has never been used so much since I've had it but I managed it!

I had a stuffed mushroom and I think the coleslaw had dairy in it because the first mouthful of it tasted very strongly of milk or cream, but there wasn't very much of it so I ate the lot!

My knees are killing me now though!

It's H's birthday tomorrow so I gave her two of the gifts today and the third one will be emailed to her at some point tomorrow, just in case her other gifts didn't arrive in time!

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