Thursday 29 May 2014

Nightmare on N Street!

The plumber came this morning, literally 10 or 15 minutes after Steve's carer left and agreed to do it this afternoon.

So far, so good.

He came back this afternoon with the new toilet and cistern and set about removing the broken one from our bathroom.

Groove and cooly.

He then discovered that the cistern wasn't in the box.

That's when things started going wrong for the 3 of us!

The plumber went to get a replacement.

The poor man checked everything was in the box before he left the shop this time - everything seemed fine so he came back.

He was about to install it when he found a hair-line crack so he came and showed me and Steve and the plumber said it was just a cosmetic crack nothing that affected the stability of it or anything.

Steve and I both agreed that as long as it was just cosmetic then that was fine and the plumber said that it might just clean off after he'd put it in.

The poor plumber is definitely fitting it now so hopefully we'll be able to empty our bladders soon!  lol

Poor man!

Scratch that, the poor plumber has had to go back again because the cistern didn't fit on the toilet... the holes were about half an inch out!  He's going to try getting a slightly more expensive one this time... third time lucky!

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