Wednesday 14 May 2014

How do you get thinner thighs please?

I've always hated my thighs but thought it was all in my head until yesterday when I tried to put a pair of jeggings on... they stopped half way up my thighs and refused to go any further.

I bought 2 pairs of size 12 leggings from Littlewoods yesterday and they were delivered this morning - they fit over my thighs and I've got the grey pair on now.

So, my question is, how do I make my thighs thinner please?  I walk Mitzi every morning and walk to meet up with C and H a couple of times a month but my legs just won't let me walk any further so other than cosmetic surgery, is there any other way to thin my thighs please?

I know exactly how they got to be so big - I injected Growth Hormone into them 6 days a week for 5 years as a kid which made my thighs grow but didn't do much for my height  :-(

I rely on long skirts, leggings and loose trousers now because of the Growth Hormone but I'm determined to reduce them so that I can wear jeggings as well as leggings and feel that I'm not being looked down on.

I'm just not physically able to go further than the end of the street and back more than once a day so if there's any other way to reduce them at home, I'm willing to consider most things!

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