Thursday 8 May 2014

What should I do?

I can afford £250 a month for the electric wheelchair but do I save up £1500 and just get the wheelchair of my dreams or do I get my freedom sooner (July) with the Capricorn chair but only go 6 miles and having to recharge the battery every day but be able to go out on my own again?

I think I said recently that I would go with the Capricorn didn't I?

Such are the joys of brain damage I suppose!  :-(

I've got to pay for a replacement prescription pre-payment certificate at the end of May which will save me £85 during 2014 but it's £104 I forgot to account for!  :-(

It means that I'll be £104 worse off than I was thinking but it's only once a year so it'll be worth it which is another reason for me to go with the Capricorn too... :-/

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