Saturday 17 May 2014

I've finally decided!

I've finally decided what I'm going to do about getting a wheelchair.

I'm getting the 10 miler chair and 2 spare batteries (it runs on 2 batteries for some reason) and no other chair or batteries... I'll get the chair first then get the spare batteries later on so that I've always got 2 fully charged batteries whenever I want to go out and about.

When I've got the chair, I'll put another £200 a month aside in case I decide later on that I need a bigger range per charge when I'll have the money ready for it so will be able to get it straight away instead of having to save up for it and deny myself things I'd like to get, like I'm doing atm!  It will mean that I can still put £50 every 4 weeks towards the extra electricity charging the batteries will use!

Now I just need to hear back about the insurance, extended warranty and breakdown cover!  lol

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