Friday 9 May 2014

Quorn cottage pie and...

I'm going to do tea tonight for me and 'im.  I'm going to have Quorn cottage pie, but what goes with it?  What shall I cook for Steve?  Do I dare to do pasta bake or shall I stick to something like hamburgers and chips or wrap sausages with bacon or something like that?  I'm far from a chef but I enjoy cooking as long as I don't forget about getting the food out of the oven!  Yes, seriously!

I'll go and have a look now!  lol

OK, so we're having Quorn hot dog sausages and potato wedges for tea and I'll do it all!  Yay!

Going to give pasta bake a try next time... you watch me screw it up!  lol

Steve's doing vegetarian spag bol for us instead  :-/

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