Thursday 15 May 2014

That was harder than it needed to be and it's still not sorted!

I've got 2 different bank accounts with 2 different banks and I've got online banking with both.  The first one was easy to set up and use, the second one is harder than it needs to be!

With the first one, I just need my unique number to start with, then my pin and password and that's it.  I'm in.

With the second one I need my account number, sort code, 15 digit ID number, security number, a password and a card reader just to change a phone number that's 16 years old! 

I couldn't remember my pin on the card reader so it locked me out.  I phoned up the customer service number to unlock my card because there's no way I can get into a branch to unlock it myself.

The woman I spoke to said that she would send me another PIN number through the post and I need to call again to order a new card tomorrow.

In the meantime I can't use my card or online banking or telephone banking so it's a good job it's not my main account!

Maybe it's good that I need to know so many security things, but instead of taking less than a minute to sort out what I originally called for (to unlock the card reader) it took 17 minutes 58 seconds and I can't use anything until I get a new card, pin number and security card through the post at the start of next week!

What a PITA!

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