Tuesday 9 July 2024

Gooood morning all!

I've woken up feeling totally wiped out and the original Freegler decided to let me down overnight so I've contacted my backup to see if they want it.

I'm sore, swollen, tired, in a lot of pain and just generally not feeling too good, but unrestricted hot chocolates will solve that!

I've popped my morning pills like a good girl and they all went down OK today so I just need to remember to re-fill my squash bottle before I take my lunchtime pill.

The virus scan was still clear, thankfully, so that's good news.

My groceries are due this afternoon and I've gotta remember to put in my next order too... you watch me forget though!  🙄

Time to publish this and try to put the first to-do list of the day up before my carer arrives... it'll be weird brushing my teeth today now that I've finally lost the wobbly half of one of them!


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