Tuesday 10 January 2017

Gonna have to be very tight with...

I've got a Namehog thing coming out on the 13th, bills coming out on the 15th and I'm not paid until the 16th so it'll be a very tight couple of weeks with the grocery shopping... 'Basics' instead of 'Taste The Difference' and brand names and stuff, but as long as we don't buy anything else and we use what we've already got in the house instead of stuffing the freezer with new things each week, I'll be able to get it sorted... just gotta cut out cakes and fizzy drinks and things like that.  Things that are nice to have but we can do without just for a couple of weeks then back to our normal shop by the end of January.

I spent £114 extra in December because of Christmas and stuff and bills that come out at the end of the month, so that £114 will cover most of the Namehog bill and I'll be able to put the other spare £20 towards it too which'll give me £134 which is the Namehog bill pretty much covered.

My initial panic was that I'd have to keep the shopping under £50 a week to save the £100 I needed, but as long as I'm tight for the rest of January and we keep it below £75 a week (this week's shop was £86 but there were cakes and fizzy drinks and stuff that we can do without).  Steve has 2 jumbo swiss rolls and other cakes and loads of fizzy drinks as well as sparkling water, so if we can cut most of that out and make our own drinks with squash and tap water or fizzy water for Steve then we can save that extra £11 just with that alone!

I get multi-packs of chocolate every week which I can do without so that'll save another few quid too.

We don't have to miss out on the stuff we usually get, just get own brand Basics stuff instead of brand names.  I can't usually tell the difference with most things, so it's no big deal to me!

January will be hard, but that's it until we have to tighten our belts again in March 'cos that's my Namehog stuff again, but if I don't spend any of the money I'm putting into my secondary bank until then, I'll be able to cover the Namehog stuff with that money etc, etc... it's just that 2017 is the year that my 2 year bill cycles come out together with Namehog stuff is all.  2018 will be a cheaper year 'cos I'll only have the annual bills to come out, then 2019 will be another expensive year etc etc but I'm hoping to have £10 a week going into my secondary account to cover my Namehog stuff each time.

It's just 'cos I've only set up the standing order for £10 a couple of weeks ago, so haven't got much in the account atm, but it's £40 a month that I won't miss starting in February.  It just means that I've got £120 in there every three months which will cover each of the Namehog bills as they come up.

I'll get there in the end!  lol

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