Thursday 19 January 2017

Pills and potions

I will run out of my new prescription 4 weeks today 'cos I've just taken the last one of my December/January ones, so tomorrow will see the start of the January/February prescription.

Also, I didn't take my supplements today and I've really noticed the difference!  Tired, achey, low, really uncreative and all that sorta thing.  So, starting from tomorrow I'm going to take my supplements every morning and my prescriptions every evening 'cos I noticed such a huge difference today!

I'm thinking of setting an alarm on my mobile to remind me to take the supplements until it becomes a routine like taking my prescriptions has now!  The supplements aren't that expensive for the amount you get, I just don't like taking pills is all.

Still, I now know that I need to take 5 pills a day to make me feel the best I can and use the B12 spray whenever I need to as well, 'cos that makes a huge difference to my mood and energy levels!

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