Saturday 28 January 2017

Such a spectacular little girl!

Mitzi's vivabox has just arrived.

It had a flee collar in it.

The pup was such a good girl while Steve worked out how to put it on her and cut off the extra bit... she wanted to sniff it then got worried about putting her head through it but let Steve do it anyway and she'll be flee-free for 3 months now!

Assuming it works and Mitzi doesn't try to pull it off or anything, as long as she's comfortable, I'll try and remember to get it with the shopping instead of the spot-on stuff!  I'm guessing it'll be cheaper and easier and longer lasting to get a new collar every 3 months than getting the spot-on every 6 weeks!

I just want the pup to be comfortable with the extra collar though - assuming it doesn't bother her though, we'll be getting the collar for her again and again!

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