Saturday 28 January 2017

So, I'm thinking...

Tomorrow I'll do what Steve promised to do and clear off the worktop by the bread machine, then I'll work out a way to put all the equipment on the top, ready to use, then I'll wash up the bowls and utensils and stuff, put them on the drying rack then come in here and read the instructions on how to use it all.

I'm fed up of asking Steve to do something, him promising he will then never doing it.  It was like that with the kitchen bin and it looks like it'll be the same with the worktop too!

Not going to put up with it though.  Starting tomorrow I'll ask for Steve's help once then ask Marie to do it instead, just like I did with the kitchen bin.  If Steve promises to help I'll give him an additional week then do it myself and hope I don't hurt myself in the process.

After I've got the stuff on the side sorted, I'll repeat it with the main surface behind the rollator and lastly work on the side by the freezer 'cos that's mainly carrier bags and stuff.

When the sides are sorted, I'll start preparing food from scratch ready for Steve to bung in the oven for our lunch.

Hopefully we'll lose even more weight that way and be healthier than we already are with our food!

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