Friday 27 January 2017

Cashback sites are great because...

Steve's got a Surface Pro tablet computer thing.

He got a nail clipping under the up arrow in the keyboard somehow.

He took the key off, took the nail clipping out and can't get the key back on it now!

I've got a Nectar card that I used £15 of to get him a replacement keyboard that I only paid 44p for.

I just hope he's chosen the right one!  lol

It was dispatched in less than an hour by 2nd class Royal Mail, so, in theory, it'll be here on Monday.

If it's the wrong one I'll put it on Freegle instead... waste not want not and all that!

I got him a big pack of batteries a few months back that I only paid pennies for too, so those couple of extra clicks when you do your shopping really does help - getting 2 things from eBay for less than £1 makes all the difference.

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