Friday, 27 January 2017

Just tried to take the pup for her walk, but...

They are building a block of flats at the bottom of the street, so why not take the sand to the bottom of the street instead of blocking all of one side of the pavement and 90% of the road half way up?

You would struggle to get a moped or motorbike past the sand in the road and you literally have to go to the other pavement to get past it as a pedestrian!

What if there was an accident or fire on the building site?  There is no way an emergency vehicle can get past it if they need to!

Steve's carer won't be able to get past it and our neighbour won't be able to leave their house until all the sand is gone because it's right up against their door!

The least they should have done was let this side of the street know what they were planning!  I just hope our neighbour on the left doesn't need to go to work today!

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