Monday 30 January 2017

Textiles and junk mail go in...

Just put a very holey t-shirt into the blue bag to be recycled but it wasn't picked up so I checked the Council's site and found out that textiles and junk mail goes into the green box and thick card like pizza boxes and stuff goes in the blue bag.

There is so much of our household waste that can be recycled now:  junk mail, textiles, cans, bottles, paper, thin card, batteries, cartons, glass bottles, aerosols, mixed plastic and tins all go in the green boxes.  Food waste into the brown caddy and thick cardboard like pizza boxes into the blue bag.

If we make full use of the recycling available and get into the habit of recycling instead of just binning, pretty much our only wheelie bin waste will be Steve's dressings!

Need to get into the habit of recycling more of our waste though!  It'll take a few weeks but we'll get there eventually like we did when we first got the green and brown boxes and we recycle a lot of stuff now, we can do better though!

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