Monday 23 January 2017

Update on the money post

Got £170 in my bank account atm
Take off the shopping that's coming today makes it £69 until next week.
Take off the £10 that goes into my secondary account, that leaves me with £59
Mitzi's grooming is £33 which leaves me with £26

End of January I get paid twice and assuming I haven't used any of the £26 that'll give me £550

Shopping on the Monday leaves me with £450

Namehog stuff on 8th February leaves me with £405

Back to normal again then.  Very tight but as long as I don't spend any money other than the grooming, 2 lots of shopping and the Namehog stuff, I'll still be able to afford to pay for the direct debits on 15th Feb!

Tight, but doable.  Just gotta be very stingy.

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