Friday 6 January 2017

The idiot at the end of the road is at it again!

We've just had a letter from the council saying Mitzi has been pooing in the street and we've left it there.

That has never happened in the 6.5 years we've had her!  When she has in the past, I've brought her back home, handed the lead to Steve, got the long-handled pooper scooper and a nappy sack and gone and cleared it up then binned it!

I have never ever left poo in public.  I have at the back of our house, yes, but that's not in public FFS!

The person who sent the letter is in a meeting atm, but Steve's going to ask if it was the idiot at the end of the road then contact the police again to re-open the harassment case.

If he continues to harass us, we'll ask for photographic proof and DNA evidence as proof, we'll then provide poo from the back yard that Mitzi has done to be tested to proove that it really isn't her doing it.  If he genuinely believes it's Mits then he won't mind paying for those tests to be done!

The only thing he's got on us is that he moved to his house 3 years before we moved into ours.  We'll go to court if he wants to... we've done precisly nothing wrong and I'd love to have him prove otherwise!

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