Monday 31 July 2023

This week, Thursday is...

...the only chance I'll have to breathe!

As well as my two carers each day, this week I've also got:

Tomorrow: groceries and 2 deliveries needing to be put away

Wednesday:  I'm seeing my blood family for the first time in almost exactly (to the day) 13 years for my mum, 13 years and a month for my brother and ever for my brother's partner and baby son

Thursday:  I can breathe

Friday:  Getting the bathroom taps replaced and the living room painted

Saturday:  My weekly bath

Sunday:  Lunch with my in-laws

Then all of next week I'm literally getting a new roof on my house so that's gonna be hectic too!

If I'm honest, I'm glad I haven't got the opportunity to breathe much over the next two weeks 'cos right now that would pretty much kill me.

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