Monday 24 July 2023

Mornin' all

How's things in your world this morning?

I've just taken my new set of morning pills which have made me feel slightly icky and are making my belly hurt, but it's purely psychosomatic because they are new pills so therefore new recipes but they are all suitable for vegans so I won't be chucking my guts up or anything like that.

My rubbish and recycling is very wet but still in place, ready for being picked up... I wonder what time that'll be today?

I've gotta remember to weigh myself after I've had my breakfast today.  I'm guessing I'll have put on some weight, but that's OK 'cos unless I've put on or lost 2kg I'll still be within my healthy weight range.

My hayfever has already kicked off so it's gonna be a bad day with that today.

Gonna publish this then make a start on my to-do list before my first carer of the week arrives.


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