Monday 24 July 2023

That's a relief then!

My new OT has just left and she's seen the whole house and watched where I struggled most and she's gonna put the wheels in motion for getting me a stairlift, potentially a bath lift, pendant alarms and all kinds of other stuff, but I was totally honest with her about how I feel safe and how little I go upstairs (only to go to bed usually) and she's gonna put in a request just for a 12 inch rail to go on the wall alongside the current one so that I can get out of the bath without clinging onto the windowsill every time.

She's taken the bathboard and other two wedges back with her and she's gonna contact CCP about the cavity wall insulation bods not turning up, so that could be re-booked to happen soon too.

She's gonna say that I want her with me for all the quotes and assessments and form filling and stuff like that so she's another good'un to have on my side atm... there's a lot for her to do so I hope she doesn't mind doing it all for me considering we barely know each other so far!

It's all going into my medical records too, so hopefully my fantastic GP will see how much I've been and am currently struggling too!

I just hope I haven't given her too much to do already lol

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