Saturday 29 July 2023

Today's (29th July 2023) lunch photo

Is it OK to eat the tops and bottoms of radishes or should they always be topped and tailed like cucumbers?  It's just that this afternoon's carer put the 5 radishes onto the plate and I had to tell her 3 times that they need to be topped and tailed.  She also put the whole bag (ie 2 meals worth) of salad onto the plate and said that I'd told her to put the whole bag on.  I give up, I really do.

Today's lunch consisted of 5 radishes, 5 cherry tomatoes, 2 slices of vegan cheese, half the packet of sweet and crispy salad (after my carer reluctantly put half back in the bag) and a spoonful of coleslaw.

I'm really low on my calorie intake so I'm gonna chow down on a packet of me-friendly crisps too when I've posted this.

Here's today's lunch photo:

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